About Mehr Ab Behesht

Doing good is like drinking water!

About Mehr Ab Behesht

Mehr Ab Behesht Company (DiDi Water Brand) is one of the subsidiaries of Raz Investment and Strategic Development Group (RISECO). The company supplies its natural mineral water from Gorgor Sabalan spring. The total revenue of Mehr Ab Behesht Company is allocated in line with the commitment to fulfill social responsibilities to prevent cancer in women, environmental protection and assistance in the development and education of homeless and abused children. The door of DiDi Water mineral water products with three colors of green and pink and blue has the following messages.

DIDI Tomorrow Mineral Water with Blue Door (DIDI Tomorrow) Investing in the Growth, Development, and Entrepreneurship of Orphaned and Abused
DIDI Mineral Water with Green Door (DiDi Green) Investing to protect the environment and have a green and clean world for all
DIDI Mineral Water with Pink Door (Hope DIDI) Investing in the Prevention and Treatment of Women’s Breast Cancer

Achievements Mehr Ab Behesht

In line with the needs of each set of customer respect and commitment to the production of mineral water and other healthy and refreshing beverages, DiDi Water mineral water fully implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality management systems and was able to receive these two awards. To take a stronger step towards the promotion of its social goal.

Goals of Mehr Ab Behesht

How do you set up a business to make the world a better place? DiDI Water is the answer to this question. DiDI Water is not just a product, it is a stable and clear path between the world of personal gain and public gain. Our goal is to involve the community in this path without changing the course of their daily lives.

  • Continuous improvement and continuous improvement of product quality along with applying customer feedback
  • Reduction and control of environmental pollution of the product
  • Full compliance with Iranian and world standards

Vision Mehr Ab Behesht

Mehr Ab Behesht Company in its horizon in 1403 will be one of the top 100 companies in the country based on the 100 IM ranking, which has achieved the following goals :

  • One of the leading companies in the field of production, packaging, distribution of mineral water in the Middle East
  • Domestic market leadership in terms of production capacity and market share in the field of mineral water packaging and distribution
  • Becoming the top company in the field of social entrepreneurship in Iran
  • Becoming the top environmentally friendly company in the mineral water industry in Iran
  • Export of at least 40% of Mehr Ab Behesht Company’s products to the Middle East
  • Mission to supply at least 10 innovative and knowledge-based products to the market of Iran’s mineral water industry

Social responsibilities Mehr Ab Behesht

Children’s Tomorrow Empowering badly cared for and orphaned children to raise a capable, educated and confident generation
Green Environment Preventing environmental degradation and pollution through education, promoting the culture of content production and material and intelligent support of leading scientific, industrial and research centers and organizations that support nature
Cancer Patients Hope : Raise awareness through content production based on the latest domestic and international research and education of women to prevent and diagnose breast cancer early and provide free identification and screening services